How to Replace Broken Windows by Yourself

Our windows are essential components of our home. They serve many functions and give us many benefits, that it is very important to keep the good condition of our windows. There are times, however, that the glass of our windows gets broken by whatever reasons; it can be that someone accidentally has thrown a baseball to it, strong winds, or if the glasses are simply too old. But for whatever reasons, it is important to replace the broken glass immediately. We can call glass repair Manchester, or we can do it ourselves, here’s how. 

Broken Windows

1. Clean the Broken Glass

Before proceeding with the operation of installing new glasses, it is important to first clean the remains of the older glasses. The broken shards can cause injuries or cuts to anyone who would accidentally step on it, be it your children or wife. Get a broom and a dustpan and clean it thoroughly, making sure that there aren’t tiny pieces of it left. You should also remove the remaining glasses that still clings to the windowpane, remove them by using gloves or by breaking them further and cleaning it again afterward. 

2. Prepare the Windowpane

After making sure that the window pane doesn’t contain any of the old glass anymore, now is the time to prepare it for the new glass. Obtain a wire brush and clean all of the dust and any residues of the window pane, then get a slightly wet towel and clean the window pane with it. 

After cleaning now is the time to glaze it to make it look new. Apply oil to the window pane, by using a brush and linseed oil. The linseed oil will help our glazing solution to stick quicker and stronger to the wood. Before applying the glazing solution, it is important to warm it up a little, do this by doing the kneading. The more consistent you are in applying the glazing solution, the better your window pane will look.  

3. Measure Properly

Now that you have cleaned your window pane, it is now the time to measure it. Be very careful in this step, measure the dimensions carefully so you can buy new window glass with the right size.  

4. Installing New Glass

After ordering the new set of glass, now you are ready for the final step, which is to install the new glass. Put a thin putty all around the window pane, so that the new glass would have a cushion when you install it. After placing the glass, ensure its placement by using glazier’s point. For each edge of the glass, apply the glazier’s point to two sides of the glasses near it. 

Now that the window panes are in place, further solidify it by applying putty into the frame and glass. Make sure that the putty is applied in an even and flat way by using a putty knife, also make sure that the putty would cover the glazier’s point.